Thursday, June 28, 2012

[I'm Tired. It's END]


I'm tired of me being so stupid as to think you ever cared that I was there.

I'm tired of having to pound at this keyboard, typing a quote to strangers to get across what I want to say. 

I'm tired of you not accepting me the way I am. 

I'm tired of myself not being completely myself because you don't like it. 

I'm tired of you acting like you think you're ugly, when you KNOW you aren't. 

I'm tired of me believing that there was ever a friendship. 

I'm tired of your annoyance with my one word answers. I'm tired of the fact that you don't already know that I answer EVERYBODY with one word answers. 

I'm tired of me letting you walk all over me. 

I'm tired of myself being so weak in front of you. cying, heartaches, sad.

I'm tired of myself having fragile heart towards you. I could hardly breathe.

I'm tired of pretending that i'm ok, i'm not hurt, i'm strong in front of EVERYONE who ask.

I'm tired of myself waiting for nothing from you.

I'm done. 

This is goodbye.

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